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VR and VRD Elastomer Seal Valves

The VR valves are right angled general purpose UHV valves with a cycle usage minimum of 100,000 activations. The bonnet (top) seal of the valve is either welded (VR series) or demountable (VRD series). On the VRD series the whole movement mechanism can easily be removed and replaced.


Viton® Valve Range-Manual (VR and VRD Series)
DN TypeODODTubeConstructionA mmC mmD mmConductance litre/secOrder Code
 Flange mmFlange inchesOD  mm
DN40Rotatable 702.7541.3Welded631167634ZVR40R
DN40Rotatable 702.7541.3Demountable631167634ZVRD40R
DN63Rotatable 1144.563.5Welded105172114100ZVR60R
DN63Rotatable 1144.563.5Demountable105172114100ZVRD60R

Spares and accessories - A full range of spares and accessories is available for this and existing valves. 

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