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RP 100mm Bore Rotating Platforms

The VACGEN rotating platform provides the means of translating rotation through a vessel wall without losing vacuum integrity, enabling probes or assemblies to be inserted without effect on the chamber pressure.

RP100 Rotary Platform
DN Type
Flange OD mmFlange
Fixed and Rotating Flange
Torque to
Order Code
DN1001526Tapped M8Manual coarse two stage pumping Coarse-8 Nm230°CZRP100C
DN1001526Tapped M8High Precision two stage pumping1 turn = 2 degrees rotation0.051.0 rpm0.3 Nm230°CZRP100H
DN1001526Tapped M8Stepper Motor  two stage pumping1 turn = 2 degrees rotation0.005 per half step2.0 rpm-230°C*ZRP100W
DN1001526Tapped M8Stepper Motor with encoder two stage pumping1 turn = 2 degrees rotation0.005 per half step2.0 rpm-230°C*ZRP100E
DN1001526Tapped M8DC Motor with  two stage pumping1 turn = 2 degrees rotationCoarse2.0 rpm-230°C*ZRP100DC
* with motor and encoder removed

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Specifications for Rotating Platform
Bore102.5 mm (4.03")
FlangesDN100 bore (152mm flange OD), both with tapped holes
Distance Between Flanges42.6 mm (all models)
Drive OptionsCoarse - pin spanner (provided)
High Precision - worm and wormwheel
Motorised - stepper motor
Differential PumpingTwo stage via CF34 pumping ports
Interspace PressureFirst stage 10-2 mbar,  second stage 10-5 mbar
Payload LimitsVertical - 80kg at 20mm polar offset or 120kg with centralised load
Horizontal - 20kg at 100mm flange offset and 20mm polar offset
Inverted - 60kg at 20mm polar offset or 90kg with centralised load
SealsSpring energised with long-life PTFE compound
Bearing typeTwin integral races
Rotation Resolution0.05° divisions with Vernier (0 to 360°)
Worm and Wormwheel Gearing1 turn = 2°
Approx Torque to Rotate0.005° per half step
Operating Pressure RangeAtmosphere to 10-11 mbar
Bakeout Temperature150 °C
RP Series Rotating Platforms
DescriptionOrder Code
Coarse Version 100 mm bore Rotating PlatformZRP100C
High Precision 100 mm bore Rotating PlatformZRP100H
Motorised 100 mm bore Rotating Platform with Stepper motor fitted1ZRP100M
Motorised 100 mm bore Rotating Platform with encoded stepper motor fitted1ZRP100E
Motorised RP100 with DC motor fitted2ZRP100DC
Straight adaptor flange 90 mm long with clearance holes (for mounting an Omniax manipulator)ZBS1090
1) Drive is assembled to stepper motor and is supplied with a wired connector to suit VACGEN's stepper motor control system. A separate mating connector is available.
2) DC motor supplied complete with power supply.

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