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RD2 Rotary & Linear Drive

Primary rotation with secondary linear movement 12mm and 24mm versions. The RD2 and RD224 ranges are low backlash, high precision drives providing continuous primary rotation and secondary linear axis movement.

RD2 (Primary and Secondary) Series Rotary Drive
Flange OD
Flange OD
Primary Rotation Linear Secondary MotionResolution Primary 
Resolution Secondary 
Torque PrimaryTorque Primary Gearbox ratioOrder Code
702.75Continuous*12mm0.10.020.5Nm at 500 rpm5Nm at 10 rpm-ZRD2
702.75Continuous*24mm0.10.020.5Nm at 500 rpm5Nm at 10 rpm-ZRD224
Stepper Motor Kit Primary (R1)Stepper Motor Kit R1Continuous*-0.01-4Nm at 16 rpm max4Nm at 16 rpm max-ZRDPMKW
Stepper Motor + encoder KitStepper Motor Kit R1Continuous*-1.01-4Nm at 16 rpm max4Nm at 16 rpm max-ZRDPMKE
 Primary (R1)Stepper MotorKit secondary (R2)Stepper Motor Kit R2-max 24mm0.0118 steps per 0.005 mm--09:01ZRDSMKW
Stepper Motor + encoder secondary (R2)Stepper Motor Kit R2-max 24mm1.0118 steps per 0.005 mm--09:01ZRDSMKE
* Continuous rotation where fixtures on the end of the rotary drive allow this

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