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RD1 Primary Rotary Drive

The RD1 is a manual or motorised High precision rotary drive. A position lock is fitted. The main shaft can be extended to suit custom requirements. The RD1 is a low backlash, high precision edge welded bellows drive providing continuous primary rotation to a 9.52 mm diameter shaft.

RD1 (Primary) Series Rotary Drive and Motorisation
Flange OD mmFlange OD InchesRotation Range DegreesResolution DegreesTorque NmTorque NmOrder Code and stp. file
 500 rpm 10 rpm
702.75360 *0.10.55ZRD1
Stepper Motor Kit +/-1680.014 at 16 rpm max4 at 16 rpm maxZRDPMKW
Stepper motor with encoder +/- 168 4 at 16 rpm max4 at 16 rpm maxZRDPMKE
* Continuous rotation where wiring and/or cooling is not fitted

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