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DPRF 25mm Bore Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthrough

The VACGEN rotating platform provides the means of translating rotation through a vessel wall without losing vacuum integrity, enabling probes or assemblies to be inserted without effect on the chamber pressure. To maintain the rotary seal, a vacuum port is mounted to the side of the assembly allowing connection to an appropriate pump.

25mm clearbore with coarse and fine control available in addition to motorised options.

DPRF25 Series Rotary Feedthrough
DN TypeOD mmOD inchRot. Flange HolesFixed Flange HolesActuationResolution DegreesMax Rotation SpeedTorque  to RotateMaximum Load AxialMaximum Load Radial Bakeout Temp Order Code and stp. file
DN38702.75ClearTapped M6Manual2-4 Nm80 kg9Nm230°CZDPRF25
DN38702.75ClearTapped M6High Precision0.051.5 rpm0.2 Nm80 kg9 Nm230°CZDPRF25H
DN38702.75ClearTapped M6Stepper Motor0.013.0 rpm-80 kg9 Nm230°C*ZDPRF25W
DN38702.75ClearTapped M6Stepper Motor with encoder0.013.0 rpm-80 kg9 Nm230°C*ZDPRF25E  
DN38702.75ClearTapped M6DC Motorcoarse3.0 rpm-80 kg9 Nm230°C*ZDPRF25D  
* with motors and encoders removed.

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