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CR and CRD All Metal Right Angled Valves

This range of valves are of right angled configuration, with a good conductance. The CR series comes with two body types, fully welded CR series or demountable CRD series.


All Metal Right Angled Valves - CR and CRD Series
DN TypeFlangeFlange Tube OD mmConductance litre/secConstructionA mmB mmC mmD mmBakeout Temp °C BakeoutOrder Code and Step file
OD mm OD InchesOpenTemp °C Closed
DN19Rotatable 34mm 1.3319.15Welded38598622450300ZCR20R
DN19Rotatable 34mm 1.3319.15Demountable38598634450300ZCRD20R
DN40Rotatable 70mm 2.7541.334Welded636910949450300ZCR40R
DN40Rotatable 70mm 2.7541.334Demountable636910970450300ZCRD40R
DN63Rotatable 114mm 4.563.6100Welded10510615676450300ZCR60R
DN63Rotatable 114mm 4.563.6100Demountable105106156114450300ZCRD60R
* Old dimension 65mm axial port and 57mm radial port
Closure Torques for All Metal Valves
Valve Order CodeTorque Nm
ZCRT7 SeriesN/A
ZCR7 Series0.7 to 1.1
ZCR20 and ZCRD20 Series2.4 to 3.7
ZCR40 and ZCRD40 Series7.7 to 12.1
ZCR60 and ZCRD60 Series19.0 to 29.9
ZCSD32  Series21 to 33
To convert torque to imperial units use 1Nm=142 oz inch or multiply by 0.7375 for ft Ib

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