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Transax XY Module

The Transax XY module is designed as a standalone single edge welded bellows module which is compatible with Transax linear shift mechanisms (Z axis) and Rotating platforms such as the RP100, allowing a complete sample manipulator to be created by adding these sections together.

Transax XY Stage Modules and Accessories
XY Stage Module - 152 mm OD Base FlangeOrder Code
±0 mm AdaptorZT000A6S
±12.5 mm StageZT208A6-12.5
±25.0 mm StageZT208A6S
XY Stage MotorisationOrder Code 
X and Y  Axis Stepper Motor *MTXYMOTW *
X and Y  Axis Stepper Motor and Encoder *MTXYMOTE *
Horizontal Compensation StandOrder Code 
Horizontal Compensation StandMHSA
Compensating Stand for Z-only OptionZTRS
* Single Axis Kits for X or Y Motorisation
Transax XY Module - Technical Data
Resolution - ManualAll Stages5 microns
Resolution - MotorisedT208 -12.5 Stage0.5 microns
Resolution - MotorisedT208 Stages0.5 microns
Repeatability - ManualAll Stages5 microns
Repeatability- MotorisedT208-12.5 Stage1 microns
Repeatability- MotorisedT208 Stages1 microns

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