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Hollow Wobble Stick (WH)

The WH hollow Wobble stick manipulator utilises a flexibile edge welded bellows to enable effective manually operated movements to be transmitted through the wall of a vacuum vessel. A hollow wobble stick manipulator enabling small tools or vacuum instruments to be inserted directly into the vacuum envelope. Tactile operation to give the user a true 'feeling' of position inside the vacuum chamber.

Hollow Wobble Sticks (WH)
DN TypeFlange ODTool Mounting Flange mmLinear TravelAngular Range1 DegreesDim in mm RetractedDim in mm ExtendedDim in mm ExtendedDim in mm RetractedHole DiaTypeShipping weight kgOrder Code
All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated. 
1) Please note that this only applies when mounted on a 41 mm ID tubulation of maximum length of 40 mm from the flange face to the inside of the chamber. 
Angular range will be reduced with a smaller ID mounting port or a longer length.
Technical Data - WH Series
Pressure RangeUHV to 1 bar
Leak Rate1x10-1 mbar.l.s-1
Service Intervals100,000 cycles
Bakeout Temperature250 °C
ConstructionBody: stainless steel
Mechanism: stainless steel, aluminium and bronze
SealsStainless steel bellows
Mounting PositionAny
Linear Lock/ClampYes

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