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Fused Silica Quartz Viewport

A zero length viewport has a thickness no larger than that of its mounting flange. It provides a wide angle viewing window for your vacuum chamber as there are no tubulation walls to restrict observation. Manufactured using high purity fused silica quartz.


Transmission Curve 

Fused silica viewports are offered in CF Flange styles. The viewports comprise of high purity laser quality fused silica opticf with precise flatness, parallelism, scratch and dig specifications. The ultra high vacuum (UHV) CF versions are offered using high grade 304L stainless steel flanges. 

Conflat Quartz Viewports
DN TypeOD A mmViewing Diameter B mmC mmD mmMax Bake °CelciusOrder Code

*Wide Angle Version 

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    To make a leak tight UHV seal between two conflat flanges, a gasket is required. Our gaskets are manufactured from quality controlled precision sheet material.


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    To provide protection against potential X-Rays, we offer a range of lead glass disks that fit into the recess on the top of the viewport.



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