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Wobble Sticks - Mechanical Hand Series (MH)

The mechanical hand used for gripping linear and rotary movement. Tactile operation to give the user a true 'feeling' of position inside the vacuum chamber.

Mechanical Hand - MH Series
DN TypeFlange ODLinear Travel mmRetracted A mmExtended C mmDescriptionOrder Code
DN40702.7580285205Mechanical Hand (No Jaw)ZMH075
DN40702.75151356205Mechanical Hand (No Jaw)ZMH150
DN40702.75237442205Mechanical Hand (No Jaw)ZMH225
DN40702.75280485205Mechanical Hand (No Jaw)ZMH275
DN40702.7580285205Mechanical Hand with fitted symmetrical jawZMH075S
DN40702.75151356205Mechanical Hand with fitted symmetrical jawZMH150S
DN40702.75237442205Mechanical Hand with fitted symmetrical jawZMH225S
DN40702.75280485205Mechanical Hand with fitted symmetrical jawZMH275S
DN40702.7580285205Mechanical Hand with fitted perpendicular jawZMH075P
DN40702.75151356205Mechanical Hand with fitted perpendicular jawZMH150P
DN40702.75237442205Mechanical Hand with fitted perpendicular jawZMH225P
DN40702.75280485205Mechanical Hand with fitted perpendicular jawZMH275P
DN40702.7580285205MH + Inline Flag Style JawZMH075FL
DN40702.75151356205MH + Inline Flag Style JawZMH150FL
DN40702.75237442205MH + Inline Flag Style JawZMH225FL
DN40702.75280485205MH + Inline Flag Style JawZMH275FL
Jaw OptionsInlineSymmetrical double acting in-line pincerZJAWSY
PerpendicularPerpendicular parallel acting pincerZJAWPE
Technical Data - MH Series
Mounting Flange70 mm OD
ConstructionStainless steel,  bellows sealed actuation
Articulation±22.5° tilt
Z Travel Range80,  151,  237, 280 mm
Rotation360° continuous
Azimuthal Force10 N Maximum rotational
Torque0.3 Nm
Torque Limiting MechanismYes,  extends bellows lifetime
Rotation LockYes
Linear Lock/ClampYes
Bake out temperature250 °C
Jaw/Pincer Options1: Perpendicular parallel acting pincer (10N max force, 10 mm opening, sprung closed)
2: Symemetrical double acting in-line pincer (3N max force,  74° max opening, sprung closed)


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