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Tee Pieces (BT Series)

T-shape formed of three equally spaced flanges at 90º intervals. Two of these three flanges are rotatable enabling preferred orientation of vacuum equipment. 


All VACGEN's components allow for quick, easy and repeatable leak free joints. They are deisgned for complete modularity for building simple high vacuum backing or pumping lines. 

UHV Tees (BT Series)
DN TypeODDimension AMinimum Bore Number ofAlignment andShipping Weight (kg)Order Code
mminchmminchmminchRotatable Flanges Number of Fixed Flanges
DN19341.33381.515.70.6221 Inline0.8ZBT19RI
DN19341.33381.515.70.6221 Straddled0.8ZBT19RS
DN40702.75632.4836.91.4521 Inline1.4ZBT41RI
DN40702.75632.4836.91.4521 Straddled1.4ZBT41RS
DN631144.501054.1358.92.3221 Inline4.0ZBT64RI
DN631144.501054.1358.92.3221 Straddled4.0ZBT64RS
DN1001526.001355.3195.73.7621 Inline8.5ZBT10RI
DN1001526.001355.3195.73.7621 Straddled8.5ZBT10RS
DN1502038.001676.57146.55.7621 Inline3.0ZBT15RI
DN1502038.001676.57146.55.7621 Straddled13.0ZBT15RS

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    Gaskets & Accessories

    To make a leak tight UHV seal between two conflat flanges, a gasket is required. Our gaskets are manufactured from quality controlled precision sheet material.




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