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Straight Connectors

Fixed and rotatable flange enabling the connection and orientation of vacuum equipment.

UHV Straight Connectors (BS Series)
DN TypeODODDimensionDimensionTubeWallMinimumMinimumFlange AlignmentOrder Code
mminchA mmA inchOD mmThickness mmBore  mmBore inch& number
DN19341.3376319.11.2215.70.621 Fixed & 1 RotatableZBS19
DN40702.751264.9641.31.6336.91.451 Fixed & 1 RotatableZBS41
DN631144.52108.2663.51.6358.92.321 Fixed & 1 RotatableZBS64
DN100150627010.63101.61.6395.73.761 Fixed & 1 RotatableZBS10
DN150200833313.11152.41.63146.55.761 Fixed & 1 RotatableZBS15

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    Gaskets & Accessories

    To make a leak tight UHV seal between two conflat flanges, a gasket is required. Our gaskets are manufactured from quality controlled precision sheet material.




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