UHV Chamber Manufacturing

VACGEN has been manufacturing UHV vacuum systems for over 50 years. Our large state of the art production facility means we can now offer an even better service to our customers. Technology building blocks from VACGEN are used widely across the world's leading Universities and major research institutions, from NASA and the European Space Agency to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Design for Manufacture

Due to our vast portfolio of bespoke system projects, we can offer you a dedicated team to assist you in the design and production of your custom chamber requirements. Our stringent UHV in-house manufacturing and testing processes ensure high quality production - test reports are available on request.

VACGEN has the capability to supply ultra high vacuum chambers of any complexity in a range of materials including stainless steel and mu-metal. Other materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloys and nickel-based superalloys can be used where requirements demand.

We offer comprehensive support during the purchasing process, helping the customer to design a chamber that meets their application requirements and providing specialist advice regarding the specification of the chamber.
VACGEN offers the additional service of chamber design and port clash detection. A 3-Dimensional CAD model of your chamber can be produced to aid the visualisation of the end product.

Application Examples
Complete Assembly Solutions

We can offer two types of service for your UHV chamber design. First we offer a configurable range of chambers, comprised of standard skeletons or we can offer a bespoke design for manufacture. Standardised Configurable Chambers carry a much shorter lead time, which can be as low as 6 weeks. Our manufacturing capabilities include: 

5 axis CNC Milling

Turning and Boring 

Tapping and Threading 

3D CAD and CAM

Rolling, Milling, Drilling and Reaming

Configurable Chambers - Optional Skeleton Designs

We supply ultra high vacuum chambers manufactured to your specific requirements. You will be assigned a project engineer who will oversee your build from design, through engineering and completion, to delivery.

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