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Z-Axis Manipulator (TR)

The TR is a long stroke Z-axis translator with 33mm clear bore, manual or motor driven options. The support frame and guide bars ensure movement is stable and rotation free. The design offers a wider throat on the moving flange to accommodate a feedthrough chamber and bellows support tube when required. Enables stable vertical or horizontal mounting.


LTM Series Technical Data Table
Flange SizeDN40, M6 Tapped flanges
Bore33mm Clear Bore
Travel range150mm to 600mm
Motion controlManual, Stepper Motor, Encoded Stepper Motor
Operating Pressure1 bar to 10-11 mbar
Leak rate1x10-10 mbar ls-1
Operating Temperature-20°C to +200 deg°C
Baking Temperature230°C after removing motors, if fitted
Maximum Stage load                                                               20kg (manual operation / motorised operation connected to 3.5 Amps @ 2400 1/2 steps/sec)                                 16kg (motorised operation connected to 4.5 Amps @ 1600 1/2 steps/sec)


Z-Axis Translator (TR)
DN TypeFlange OD mmZ Travel mmA Extended mmA Retracted mmB mmActuationResolutionBake temp °COrder Code
DN4070 Tapped150279129314Manual0.01mm250ZTR1570
DN4070 Tapped300466166499Manual0.01mm250ZTR3070
DN4070 Tapped450652202685Manual0.01mm250ZTR4570
DN4070 Tapped600815215849Manual0.01mm250ZTR6070
DN4070 Tapped150279129314Stepper motor0.005mm250ZTR1570W
DN4070 Tapped300466166499Stepper motor0.005mm250*ZTR3070W
DN4070 Tapped450652202685Stepper motor0.005mm250*ZTR4570W
DN4070 Tapped600815215849Stepper motor0.005mm250*ZTR6070W
DN4070 Tapped150279129314stepper with encoder0.005mm250*ZTR1570E  
DN4070 Tapped300466166499stepper with encoder0.005mm250*ZTR3070E  
DN4070 Tapped450652202685Stepper with encoder0.005mm250*ZTR4570E  
DN4070 Tapped600815215849Stepper with encoder0.005mm250*ZTR6070E  
Prices quoted are Ex-works, UK site.
*With motor and encoder removed




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