Support in Depth

Our extensive range of in-house resources such as 5-Axis CNC machining, specialist fabrication and welding, cleanroom assembly, 3D inspection, leak detection and 3D CAD gives us a deep understanding and control of the technology behind our products. 

This embeds unrivalled expertise across our entire team, a critical advantage to all VACGEN customers. We can advise and help with service, upgrades, reconfiguration and repair across our entire range of UHV equipment, from standard catalogue parts to customised technology for special applications and environments.

This 'full lifecycle' support helps reduce cost of ownership and offers great confidence in the quality, suitability and durability of our products.

The support team have years of experience with applications across all facets of research and industry. Our company has a broad service culture that invests considerable resources in ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Over the years to come, as advances in engineering and best practice continue to evolve, we can support you with the development and reconfiguration of the equipment you already own, to meet new challenges, opening up new opportunities.  

As a company at the leading edge, we can offer advice on the latest 'state of the art' and integration with updated technology such as new control software, advanced materials, new processes and methodologies. 

The service relationship is at the heart of our business

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