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Sublimation Pump

The ST22 is used to enhance the performance of secondary pump units giving the ability to increase pump speed for active gases to give true UHV conditions in the 10-11 to 10-12 mbar regions.

Gas SpeciesH2N2O2COCO2H2OCH4Inerts
+20 ºC34998300
-196 ºC1010111191400
Temperature is that of the condensing wall and shows resultant pumping speed of the titanium film
Pump HeadOrder Code
Standard Length TSP Head*requiredZST22
Power Supplies and Lead Assemblies 
60 A Power Supply and Controller,  220 VAC *requiredZSPC8
60 A Power Supply and Controller,  110 VAC *requiredZSPC8L
5 metre Non-bakeable Lead Assembly(1) *requiredZSPCCAB
1.5 metre Bakeable Lead and Interface BoxoptionalZSPCIB
Spare PartsPack Size 
Spare 2.0 mm Filaments30ZST22F
Spare Filament Clamp Set(2)3ZST22FC
Spare Insulator Bushes3ZST22IB
Spare Clamp Screws3ZST22CS
(1) From the ZSPC8 controller to the ST22 pump head
(2) Contains 1 inner and 3 outer clamps plus a set of screws

* Pump Head, Controller and 5 metre Non-Bakeable Lead Assembly required to produce a Sub Pump Kit with the option of adding a 1.5 metre bakeable lead and interface box for bake-out zone. 

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