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Omniax Z Slide Modules

The Omniax Z axis linear shift mechanism is a single bellows stand alone module, with hinged 114mm OD conflat top flange, two guide shafts positioned each side of the drive screw, encased in a strengthening outer shell to prevent twisting. This structure coupled with cast and precision machined flange supports allows the device to offer stability.

Omniax Z Slide - Basic Dimensions
Z Travel mmA1 mmC mmOrder Code and stp. file
100184 to 284374MXZ100
200186 to 386477MXZ00
300- to 486577MXZ300
400186 to 586677MXZ400
500- to 708799MXZ500
600229 to 829920MXZ600
800273 to 10731164MXZ800
1000317 to 13171408MXZ1000
Omniax Differentially Pumped Rotary Modules and Accessories
DPRF ModuleOrder Code
DPRF55 with Coarse Manual Actuator       ZDPRF55
DPRF55 with Precision Manual Actuator    ZDPRF55H
DPRF55 with Stepper Motor                     ZDPRF55W
DPRF55 with Stepper Motor and encoder                 ZDPRF55E
DPRF55 with DC Motor Fitted                 ZDPRF55D
RP100 ModuleOrder Code
RP100 with Coarse Manual Actuator          ZRP100C
RP100 with Precision Manual Actuator       ZRP100H
RP100 with Stepper Motor                       ZRP100W
RP100 with Stepper Motor and encoder                          ZRP100E
RP100 with DC Motor Fitted                    ZRP100DC
AccessoriesOrder Code
Axial Feedthrough Chamber                       ZFECHA03
Straight Connector for RP100 Mounting     ZBS1090

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