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Z-Axis Linear Transfer Mechanism (LTM)

A compact Z-Axis bellows sealed transfer mechanism with 38mm clear bore. The LTM is a manual or motor driven z-axis transfer device providing controlled Z-axis motion, allowing samples and probes up to a diameter of 38mm to be inserted with high accuracy and stability into a vacuum envelope.

Technical Data Table (LTM)
Flange SizeDN40, M6 tapped
Bore38mm Clear Bore
Travel range25mm to 150mm
Motion controlManual, Stepper Motor, Encoded Stepper Motor, DC Motor
Operating Pressure Range1 bar to 10-11 mbar
Leak rate1x10-10 mbar ls-1
Operating Temperature Range-20°C to +200°C
Baking Temperature250°C after removing motors, if fitted
Torque required to elevate1.2Nm
Maximum Axial load200N
Maximum Radial load50N
Parallelism of flange faces<0.04 mm


Linear Transfer Mechanism (LTM)
DN TypeFlange OD mmTravel mmOperationA Extended mmA Compressed mmB Extended mmB Compressed mmShipping Weight (kg)Part Code and stp. File
DN4070 Tapped 25Manual63381591343.2ZLTM25
DN4070 Tapped50Manual92422151653.4ZLTM50
DN4070 Tapped75Manual125502581833.8ZLTM75
DN4070 Tapped100Manual163633102104.2ZLTM100
DN4070 Tapped150Manual215654342844.6ZLTM150
DN4070 Tapped25Stepper motor(1)6338162137 ZLTM25W
DN4070 Tapped50Stepper motor(1)9242218168 ZLTM50W
DN4070 Tapped75Stepper motor(1)12550261186 ZLTM75W
DN4070 Tapped100Stepper motor(1)16363313213 ZLTM100W
DN4070 Tapped150Stepper motor(1)21565437287 ZLTM150W
DN4070 Tapped25Stepper with encoder6338162137 ZLTM25ME
DN4070 Tapped50Stepper with encoder9242218168 ZLTM50ME
DN4070 Tapped75Stepper with encoder12550261186 ZLTM75ME
DN4070 Tapped100Stepper with encoder16363313213 ZLTM100ME
DN4070 Tapped150Stepper with encoder21565437287 ZLTM150ME
*With motor and encoder removed
(1) For VACGEN controller


Accessories & Spare kits

ProductPart code
Lubrication KitZLUBEK


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