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Push and Pull Drives (LDP)

The LD series are linear motion push-pull probes that can be moved in relation to its mounting flange from 25mm to 150mm with a smooth, reliable motion. With a complete range of flanges and probe ends. They can be used in almost all applications where sample or internal device movement is required.


LDP900 series manual push pull drive on 34mm OD flange  
LDP200 series manual push pull drive on 70mm OD flange    
LDP Series Push Pull Drives
DNFlange OD mmFlange OD InchTravel mmOperationPosition ScaleDimension L mmDimension R mmDimension E mmShipping Weight (kg)Order Code
DN16 34 1.3325ManualYES264901162.0ZLDP925  
DN16 34 1.3350ManualYES323901412.5ZLDP950
DN16 34 1.33100ManualYES441901923.0ZLDP910  
DN16 34 1.33150ManualYES559902423.5ZLDP915  
DN4070 2.7525ManualNO14033582.5ZLDP225
DN4070 2.7550ManualNO17441923.0ZLDP250
DN4070 2.75100ManualNO241581603.5ZLDP210  
DN4070 2.75150ManualNO308742264.0ZLDP215
DN1634 1.3325PneumaticNO269901163.0ZLDP925P  
DN1634 1.3350PneumaticNO327901413.5ZLDP950P  
DN1634 1.33100 maxPneumaticNO445901924.0ZLDP910P  
DN4070 2.7525PneumaticNO26833583.5ZLDP225P  
DN4070 2.7550PneumaticNO32641924.0ZLDP250P  
DN40702.75100 maxPneumaticNO444581604.5ZLDP210P  
  * Optional Limit Switch kit containing 2 Reed switches ZLDPRSK2  
LDP Series - Accessories
DescriptionOrder Code
Lubrication kit for ZLDP9 and ZLDP2 seriesZLUBEK


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