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Ion Gauge Controller (IGC5)

The VACGEN IGC5 ion gauge-based process vacuum controller combines the functionality of several vacuum system controllers into a single easy to use unit, reducing hardware, wiring and cost. The IGC5 combines the latest microprocessor technology with simple, well-established ion gauge power supply design to ensure ease of use, stability and reliability.


IGC5 Ion Gauge Controller Data Sheet

IGC Controller - Manual - Version 1.20 - Pre November 2016 
IGC Controller - Manual - Version 2.47 - From November 2016
Ion Gauge1x Dual filament UHV. Thoria- or Yttria-coated Iridium filaments
Filament DriveConstant current dc (4A/10V)
Emission ControlMicroprocessor controlled precision PID control
Manual EmissionUser selections: 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10mA
Auto-emissionEmission is automatically adjusted for optimum performance at measured pressure
Emission featuresSoft-start. Optional "new filament" setting to permit gentle heating. User-definable min & max emission 
DegasRamped low/mid/high power
Degas FeaturesUser-defined ramp/soak periods. User-defined pressure suspend to allow vacuum recovery
Degas PressureContinuous measurement during degas
Degas on/offNo interruption to pressure measurement during degas start/stop
ElectrometerEffective Range: 0.1pA to 1mA; equates to 1x10-13 to 1 mbar (gauge dependent). High thermal stability, low drift
Sensitivity1.0 to 99.9 (resolution 0.1)
Pump-downUser-defined auto pump-down: backing gauge dependent ion gauge start-up pressure; trip allocation for external events (valves...), delay time, restart time etc
Built inSupports ZPVG521
Number of Modules1 module - with optional second module to run two ZPVG521
Built inType K thermocouple. Standard mini-thermocouple connector
RangeRoom temperature to 500°C (16 bit resolution)
Bake-out FunctionsPrecision CJC
Reproducibility <±0.2°C. Absolute <±2°C. User calibration available
6x ramp/soak steps, each up to 99.9 hours duration
Individual trip allocation for power switching
User-defined pressure interlocking (ramp suspend/time suspend/abort)
User-defined temperature hysteresis
Optional auto-degas at end of bake-out
Trips7 (4x SPCO relays 1A24Vdc/ 0.5A125Vac + 3x NPN open collector 100mA/12Vdc)
Trip assignmentsIndividually assignable: external interlock to any ion or backing gauge, ion gauge status (on, off, degas), bake-out power switching, pump down external drive
Digital Inputs2x opto-isolated inputs. 3-30Vdc; 2.4kΩ input resistance
Digital Input assignmentExternal interlock as trip for ion gauge; control over ion gauge on/off and degas either via input state or toggle state, bake-out trip, pump-down trip, backing gauge operation
Interlock Response times0.2 sec max. Typically <0.1sec
OutputFull scale range: -0.2V to 10.2V (12 bit resolution). User-definable min and max
Accuracy and reproducibilityPrecision reference-based:  <±0.2%
AssignmentIon gauge (emission and sensitivity corrected), any secondary gauge, gauge combinations, bake-out temperature
FunctionalityUser-defined voltage range, assigned pressure/temperature range, lin or log relationship
Dimensions19" rack mounting: WxHxD: 484x44x260mm
Electrical115/230Vac. Live and Neutral fused: 2A for 230Vac, 3.15A for 115V
Power Consumption 4W (ion gauge off); max: 40W (high degas); typical: 4-10W (ion gauge on)
DisplayDual gold OLED display:
Display 1: Graphical 100x16
Display 2: 2x 16 character
Data ResolutionIon gauge
Pressure: 1 or 2 decimal place resolution; Current: 4 significant digits (mA/µA/nA/pA)
Secondary/Tertiary gauges: 1 decimal place resolution
Temperature: <0.1°C measurement resolution, 1°C display resolution
Manual inputIntuitive menu-driven via 5 front panel touch buttons
Comms portsMulti-drop RS232 (up to 8 units (port dependent)) and RS485-3 wire (up to 16 units)
TCP/IP option
Comms Settings4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 & 115200(RS485 only) baud
Parity: N, O or E. 8 bit + 1 start + 1 stop
Comms ProtocolsMODBUS protocol. Simultaneous multiple parameter read/write; floating point resolution
QUICKComm protocol: ASCII-based with frequent parameter dump
Comms connection2x RJ45 for simple daisy-chaining
IGC5 Controllers - Controllers, Leads and Gauges
ProductAttributesOrder Code
110V ControllerIGC5 with single bakeout and pirani card with 10m K type thermocouple leadZIGC5SET-110v*
240V ControllerIGC5 with single bakeout and pirani card with 10m K type thermocouple leadZIGC5SET-240v*
Pirani BoardFor optional second PVG headZPVGEM
BakeoutSpare 10m K Type ThermocoupleZIGTCC10
5 m Ion Gauge LeadFully Bakeable 200°CZIPGB5U
10 m Ion Gauge LeadFully Bakeable 200°CZIPGB10U
Ion GaugeClosed Grid / Twin Iridium FilamentZVIG18
Ion GaugeOpen Grid / Twin Iridium FilamentZVIG24
Ion GaugeUnflanged Closed Grid / Twin Iridium FilamentSBVG17EG
Pirani GaugeKF10 Flange Bakeable to 50°C (ZIGC5 only)ZPVG521
Pirani Lead2m Extension LeadZPVGEC
VIGReplacement Gauge Head ConnectorZVIGSK
VIG ConnectorSpare PinsZEFT95C
Spares and Accessories
ItemNotesOrder Code
Spare filaments for Ion GaugesThoria Coated 1 Set for ZVIG18 and 24ZTIR23
Spare filaments for Ion GaugesTungsten 2 Sets for ZVIG17 and 22ZWW17

* These are two options of controller, and you will require leads and guages as listed in the table above.

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