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Viewport shutter

Viewport shutters are used to protect the internal surface of a viewport from build-up of deposition material ejected during thin film processing of substrates. The shutter design is built to allow the widest possible viewing angle, and the maximum level of protection of the viewing area.

Viewport Shutter
DNLength mm (A)Flange OD mm (B)Flange OD inchOrder Code and Step File
Technical Data for Viewport Shutter
ShutterStainless steel
Mounting sealOFHC gasket (Both side)
Operate pressure range760 Torr - 1x10-10 Torr, 1,000 mbar - 1.33x10-10 mbar, 100 kPa - 1.13x10-9 kPa
Leak rate1 x 10-10 Torr l/s, He,1.33x10-10 mbar l/s, He,1.13x10-9 kPa
 Operational Temperature Range0°C - 200°C
Bake Temperature250°C
Body material304L
FeedthroughUHV Rotary Drive
Mounting positionAny

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