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Magnetically coupled rotary drive (MRD6)

The MRD series magnetic rotary drive uses a high strength magentic coupling to transfer rotational forces into the vacuum envelope. This is achieved without any dynamic seals or bellows making these devices exceptionally robust.

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Technical Data:ZMRD6
Leak Rate<1x10-10 mbar l.s-1
Pressure Range1x10-10 mbar – 2 bar absolute
Temperature Range250 oC standard UHV drives (with motor/gearbox removed)
 200 oC Extended UHV drives (with motor/gearbox removed)
MaterialsBody – 316 stainless steel
 Mechanical parts – aluminium alloy – grade 6082
 Bearings – stainless steel
 Magnets – sintered rare-earth
LubricationDry film molybdenum disulphide (standard UHV drives)
 UHV compatible lubricant (extended life drives)
ActuationManual, Stepper Motor, Encoder
OptionsCeramic bearing options, special shaft length/diameters, available on request.
MRD6 Magnetically-coupled Rotary Drives
DN TypeFlange OD mmType of OperationBreakaway Torque NmThrust NMax Rotation RPMLifeShipping weight kgOrder Code
DN4070Stepper Motor41500Standard2.3ZMRD6MW

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