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Power Feedthrough

Power feedthroughs are used to carry either high current, or high voltage, or both. 


During bakeout we recommend that you do not cover the external surface of the feedthrough with foil as the aluminium can rub off onto the ceramic and cause an electrical short. It is important not to exceed the feedthrough temperature and power ratings as this can damage the feedthrough, or cause vacuum leaks.

Power Feedthroughs
DN NumberFlange mmMax Current Per PinMax Voltage kVNo. and OD of Conductors mmConductor MaterialInternalExternalBakeout Temp C (Connector removed)Shipping wieght (kg)Order Code
DN163440A151 x 5.0Stainless SteelMS ThreadMS Thread4000.5ZEFT91A
DN1634100A31 x 6.35OFHC CopperDirect to conductorDirect to4000.6ZEFT91I
DN407040A154 x 5.0Stainless SteelMS ThreadMS Thread4000.6ZEFT34A
DN407040A153 x 5.0Stainless SteelMS ThreadMS Thread4000.6ZEFT3A
Weld fitting40A151 x 5.0Stainless SteelMS ThreadMS Thread4000.2ZEFTIAN

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