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VACGEN : Advanced Research and Manufacturing Facility

In 2016 VACGEN will relocate to our custom built manufacturing and research facility in Sussex, UK.

The factory is being designed from the ground up to feature the best in LEAN engineering practice, Cleanroom facilities and modern ergonomic layout  as we push ahead with the project to become the most advanced UHV manufacturing company in the world.

Latest photos of the new factory

It’s been a while since we have updated anyone on the progress of the new build.

Unfortunately due to a camera malfunction we can’t bring you any new videos this month so we have put together a few stills to show you the development of the factory.  The good news is we have fixed the camera and it is now mounted on the inside so we can show you progress of the fit out.

July and things are really taking shape.
May - June. The main structure is in place

The carpark begins and preparation work is done for the outer cladding.

A couple of days after the video, the first of the outer cladding goes up !

April. More Steel Work.

The Roof batons, and the first floor office structures are put into position.


March. The proper building begins !

The cranes and steel arrived, and the outer frame and roof get positioned in a, largely, dry if windy, month !

Build progress in February
The earth was cleared and the Factory base was laid out ready for the cranes to arrive.
Sneak peek for March... the cranes arrived !

Bringing our East Grinstead and Hastings operations together under one roof is hugely exciting and will position us well for future success. If you are interested in joining our team of mechanical & electrical engineers, scientists or our business development teams send your CV to  Careers@Vacgen.com

Build progress in January


Call us on : +44 (0) 1323 379 335 or email: sales@vacgen.com