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90° Radius Elbows (BE Series)

Conflat flanged 90° Radius elbows. 

All VACGEN's components allow quick, easy and repeatable leak free joints. They are deisgned for complete modularity for building simple high vacuum backing or pumping lines. 

UHV 90° Radius Elbows (BE Series)
DNODDimension AMinimumMinimumFlange Alignment and numberShipping Weight (kg)Order Code
TypemminchmminchBore mmBore  inch
DN19341.33381.515.70.621 Fixed Inline & 1 Rotatable0.7ZBE19RI
DN19341.33381.515.70.621 Fixed Straddled & 1 Rotatable0.7ZBE19RS
DN40702.75632.4833.71.332 Rotatable0.9ZBE38R
DN631144.501054.1358.92.322 Rotatable3.6ZBE64R
DN1001526.001847.2495.73.761 Fixed Straddled & 1 Rotatable7.0ZBE10HRS

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