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Six Way Crosses

Six way flanged connector. A six way cross with ports equally spaced at 90º to each other. On each axis, one of the flanges is fixed and the other is rotatable. 

UHV Six Way Crosses (BX6 Series)
DN TypeOD mmOD inchDimension ADimension AMinimum Bore Minimum Bore Number of RotatableAlignment and Number of Fixed FlangesOrder Code
DN19341.33381.515.70.6233 InlineZBX619RI
DN19341.33381.515.70.6233 StraddledZBX619RS
DN40702.75632.4836.91.4533 InlineZBX641RI
DN40702.75632.4836.91.4533 StraddledZBX641RS
DN631144.51054.1358.92.3233 InlineZBX664RI
DN631144.51054.1358.92.3233 StraddledZBX664RS
DN10015261355.3195.73.7633 InlineZBX610RI
DN10015261355.3195.73.7633 StraddledZBX610RS
DN15020381676.57146.55.7633 InlineZBX615RI
DN15020381676.57146.55.7633 StraddledZBX615RS

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